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Atlantic Animal Health Center is pleased to offer Radiowave Radiosurgery. Radiowave Radiosurgery is one of the most important and versatile instruments in the field of surgery today. Its numerous usages range from performing surgical incisions to establishing hemostasis. Radiowave radiosurgery offers the advantages of a safe, fast, and efficient incision with a better field of visibility. The pressureless cut of radiosurgery, offers minimal bleeding which often requires no suturing.


Radiowave Radiosurgery is the terminology applied to the most advanced form of electrosurgery. The radiowave radiosurgical instrument uses a high frequency radio signal to perform the incisions previously accomplished with the lower frequency electrosurgical instrument. The high frequency radio signal produces a finer, less traumatic incision and therefore has seen increased usage in all forms of surgery.


The main advantage to radiosurgery is its ability to produce coagulation to an area which would often have extensive bleeding. Radiosurgery can therefore enhance the surgeon's vision of the surgical site and establish a greater ability to perform a more accurate incision. The absence or minimal amount of bleeding during surgery allows the procedure to be performed more rapidly and with more confidence.


Author: Jeffrey A Sherman, DDS, FICD, FACD from JVRR Winter 2008 Vol 1