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Posted By :    Sharon
Posted :    2/27/2016
Comments :    I cannot say enough about Dr. Nordt! I call her the "animal whisperer"!! Our dog Eddie is a very sweet rescue dog, but has had some bad experiences going to other vets and turns into a scared nervous dog when he gets there...Dr. Lori's sweet soft-spoken personality works like butter and bisquits on Eddie...she is just so good with him! She takes the time to "talk" to your dog and get to know him, and works with all his little "quirks". She is caring compassionate, understanding and is just a wonderful woman! I would recommend her to anyone who has a pet...if you want them to be treated as if the vet is part of the family, than this is the place! The staff is wonderful too!!! God Bless You, Dr. Lori!!
Posted By :    Pat, Skip & FREEDOM
Posted :    6/26/2014
Comments :    God Bless Dr. Stull & staff. Atlantic Animal Center is highly recommended for all the right reasons...reputation, experience, knowledge, but equally important was Dr. Stull's sincere concern for our pet cat's well being. We credit his operation in removing a malignant mass in saving Freedom's life. His follow-up & sincere concern was extraordinary. You will not find a better veterinarian facility anywhere!!! FREEDOM, Pat & Skip
Posted By :    catherine
Posted :    6/4/2014
Comments :    I have been taking my cats to Dr. Nordt for many years and am satisfied with the treatment but she is not very good about returning phone calls. I have had to call 3 days in a row to get any results on blood tests that were important. That is vey poor customer service. This has happened a number of times and I have considered trying to find a new vet but how do you know if they will be any better and if they are any good.
Posted By :    Carrie Kening
Posted :    1/24/2014
Comments :    Dr. Nordt's compassion and desire to provide the best Veterinary care possible to our beloved Chessie was evident from the day we rescued our pup from the streets of AC, until she passed 13 years later. We battled Lymes, arthritis, excess weight, and tumors during her lifetime and Dr. Nordt's mannerism always calmed her and our Chessie actually enjoyed visiting her for annual exams or treatments. I'm convinced the medical care Chessie received led to her being with us for 13 years - long for a big dog! The entire staff is fantastic and it is evident they care deeply for our pets. Thank you Atlantic Animal Hospital!
Posted By :    Ray
Posted :    1/21/2014
Comments :    I used Dr. Stull for 20years, when I found him again I was thrilled. My dog has since undergone a amputation for a cancerous tumor and the care was great. We have seen Dr Nort also. Since then I had my cat seen there also for several problems. Last Feb. I called during business hours, my cat was in distress. He hadn't eaten in 3 days. They couldn't see him. That night I took him to Redbank he was in congestive heart failure. Now I have called 3 times in 2 days because my dog is developing skin lesions that he has been treated for in the past. I was trying to get his meds refilled or a appointment for him to be seen but no one calls back. In the meantime my dog is scratching and chewing . One time when I called it took 2 weeks for someone to get back to me. I like these vets as doctors but I think the priority is the clients that are spending thousands. (when I was they called back right away) This isn't just customer service issue it's the welfare of my animals.
Posted By :    Kat
Posted :    4/4/2013
Comments :    I first met Dr Lori on a plane flying out to catch a boat in 2008. I was ill at the time with an undiagnosed autoimmune disease and was quite a mess that first day. Her compassion and concern was touching and we became friends during the balance of the trip. In mid 2009 I relocated from CO to State College PA with my pets. A road trip to AAHC with my Chi Chi's was a surprise visit to Lori. Imagine my surprise when she discovered my dobie Julie, had lymphoma. With chemo we were able to spend 9 quality months with Julie we would not have had had Lori not decided to examine Julie too. Lori and staff, Leah in particular, are the most caring compassionate people I have ever had the good fortune to meet. I will be forever grateful to them for the additional time with my sweet Julie.
Posted By :    Carl Tienken  (
Posted :    4/30/2012
Comments :    I want to thank Lori and her staff for the care they provided for Winston our British Short Hair cat. He was diagnosed with KD in October of 2011.She provided care which extended his life through April of 2012 and gave us additional quality time with him. We miss him so much. Thanks for all you could possibly do.
Posted By :    Mary Kyger Patterson
Posted :    11/28/2011
Comments :    I went to vet school with Lori and she is wonderful!! One of the nicest people ever. Miss you Lori! Look me up on facebook.
Posted By :    George S.  (
Posted :    3/3/2011
Comments :    Dr Nordt captured our hearts over 15 yrs ago with her compassion and skills. She has always made herself available for emergencies or special needs of my little guys, who absolutely love her. They especially could sense the loving concern of both Dr. Nordt and the entire staff. Neither you nor your pets could have a better doctor, freind or advisor.
Posted By :    Debbie Myers  (
Posted :    3/16/2009
Comments :    We travel 40 miles to use Dr.Nordt as our veterinarian. She is a soft-spoken compassionate veterinarian that will take care of your pet as though it was one of her own. She enjoys her work and her passion for animal welfare far exceeds all other DVM's in this area.
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